Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ubuntu theme download Gloobus Meta gnome

Gloobus meta theme
A dark Polished theme based on Murrine Engine…

Ubuntu theme download human lucid gnome

Human lucid theme
Refreshed Human theme for Lucid utilizing all new murrine options. Modifcations to the Homosapien theme by zacbarton. Mouse over prelight now functional along with a more rounded feel. Left and right width added two pixels fro easier resize.

Ubuntu theme download Karmic gnome

karmic ubuntu theme
Based on Human-Lucid, in Karmic X and metacity Homosapien.

Ubuntu theme download Nimbus Plain Graphite gnome

nimbus plain graphite gnome theme
Modification of Sun’s nimbus theme.

Ubuntu theme downlaod Toxic2 Pack gnome

Toxic2 Pack
Thanks to Michael Brandt for his great theme, it has converted to 4 colors, Blue Brown Green Red, I hope you like it!