Tuesday, January 4, 2011

black-white 2-Ubuntu Theme

Black-White 2 Theme

Black-white gnome icon theme.

Click below to Download the theme

-Much smaller! “black-white 2” has only a size of 10 Mb, but has much more icons
-More Icons! I add a lot of apps, action and status icons, but I must say for me it was not able to prove them all, so I hope they works.
-Folder Icons! In black-white 2 there are some new icons for your download, document, music, …., folder. (preview2)
-different title bar sizes! when u download “black-white 2” you can choose big or normal. The “big” version has a little bit bigger action icons like in “black-white”(preview2)
-different main menu icons! in “black-white 2” you can choose between 12 start icons. (preview3)

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