Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ubuntu theme Download gnome chromey theme

chromey ubuntu theme
This is a simple theme that transforms your windows to match the standard Google Chrome theme.
Download here: Chromey.tar.gz

It currently only supports the standard size (the buttons are not scalable), standard button layout, and standard colour scheme of Chrome, but you are welcome to modify it to be flexible. If you do improve it, please contact me and I\’ll update the version here.
1. Download the Chromey.tar.gz file.
2. Select System > Preferences > Appearance from the Gnome Menu.
3. Select the Install button and choose the Chromey.tar.gz file.
4. The Chromey theme will install. Select it and click the Close button.
- Minimise, Maximise, Close, and Close Toolbar buttons to match Google Chrome.
- Blue Chrome colour scheme.
- Window border theme to match Google Chrome.

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